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Top 7 Best Hybrid Bikes under $500

With the price of a new bicycle seemingly going up year after year as manufacturers race to incorporate the latest and greatest new-fangled gizmos into what are essentially old-fashioned mechanical devices, it might feel to many riders like they are being priced out of the market. However, despite the hype surrounding expensive bikes that can cost many thousands of dollars, ... Read More »

What’s the Best Mongoose Mountain Bike? Top 5 Revealed

For nature-lovers and exercise junkies, biking provides the perfect combination of the outdoors and a cardiovascular workout. Biking is one of America’s most popular sports, as it is accessible to anyone with a bike and can be performed at any level of difficulty: especially with a great bike like the Mongoose mountain bike. Taking a bike ride through the park ... Read More »

11 Signs You’re Addicted to Cycling

Science confirms what many of us know – cycling is good for you. It helps you lose weight and makes you fitter. When you ride, you get a spike in neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin that helps you relieve stress and improve your mood. But it turns out, cycling can also be addictive. The line between dedication and addiction can ... Read More »

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Shoes

In this article, we will explore an integral part of any mountain biker’s equipment and gear—mountain bike shoes. Due to the rough terrain being ridden over, mountain bikers often use specially designed mountain bikes, gear, and equipment and specifically, special shoes which are made to enhance performance and durability. As part of the special accessories needed to comfortably and safely ... Read More »

7 Ways to Prevent Mountain Bike Injuries

While mountain biking is both fun and exhilarating, it can also be quite dangerous. It’s easy to think that you’ll never get into an accident, but bike accident statistics suggest that it’s far more likely than you think. Although the number of bike accidents seem to be declining over the years, a larger number of these accidents tend to be ... Read More »

What’s the Best Hardtail Mountain Bike? Top 10 Revealed

Hardtail mountain bikes are an innovative new breed of mountain bikes designed to give you wider freedom of control on tough terrain. They offer great versatility and an overall easier handling capability, especially on single track trails. In the following guide, we reviewed 10 bikes to find the best hardtail mountain bike on the market today. Read on to find ... Read More »