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15 Reasons Why a Single Speed Mountain Bike Is the Best Choice

Image Source:www.bicycling.com With all the subtypes of mountain bikes around, the best solution is to grab one of each. But since money doesn’t grow on trees, you’re limited in your choices. Under these circumstances, the single best selection for mountain biking is actually the single speed bike. If you’re skeptical, consider this list of 15 good reasons. Low Cost We’d ... Read More »

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Pedals

  Image Source:www.singletracks.com You’ve got a sturdy bike and you’re anxious to hit the trails. You’ve oiled your chain, aired your tires…but have you given any thought to your mountain bike pedals? Product Description There is abundant variety among available mountain bike pedals. Determining the best mountain bike pedals for you involves a combination of your experience level and what ... Read More »

10 Extreme Mountain Biking Videos of All Time

Mountain biking is designed to offer excitement, but if things become routine, it can get to be bland. We’ve all had moments when we’ve thought about taking on a major downhill challenge that defies death. Here are some examples of folks who’ve done more than think about it. After watching these mountain bike videos, you might feel inspired. Then again, ... Read More »

Editor’s Choice Winner for 2018: Giant Mountain Bike

Image Source:www.dmc.hpsdev.com Giant mountain bikes are popular with mountain bikers , both men and women. Each bike has its own personality, which makes a generic description of all of Giant’s bikes impossible. But there are similarities. Consider the Anthem 27.5 and the Anthem 27.5 SX. The Anthem 27.5 has a light, full suspension ALUXX SL frame, in addition to Maestro Suspension ... Read More »

Cannondale Mountain Bikes – Choice is Power

  Image Source:www.bikesandlife.com Let’s face it, most bike shops simply don’t have enough space to stock a wide choice of bikes from the same manufacturer. They’ll show you one Cannondale, and one each from a variety of bike makers. The consumer – you – is supposed to make a choice based on one to ten percent of the information available. ... Read More »

Nashbar Bee’s Knees Single-Speed 650B Mountain Bike Review

Nashbar Bee’s Knees Single-Speed 650B Mountain Bike

To a bike enthusiast, Nashbar is a company of dreams. It offers you a multitude of bike accessories within the price suitable for most people. Nashbar balances the comfort and plethora of benefits seamlessly well within the budget. Such a bike is Bee’s Knees Single-Speed 650B, which offers simplicity and performance at the same time. The sturdy mountain bike provides ... Read More »

Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike Review


The Montague brand has become quite famous for its high quality and rugged foldable bikes. These strong machines can handle any terrain, but at the same time are designed to be completely lightweight. This makes it very easy to carry the bike around: you can just fold it and put it into your backpack or car boot. You can even ... Read More »