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Bike Clothing: Are Bike Shorts Really Necessary?

Certain activities like biking and swimming requires special pieces of clothing. Cyclists, for instance, wear spandex shorts and tight-fitting tops. But bike riders in the UK have proven that you can ride a bike without tight-fitting jerseys, bike shorts, gloves, special shoes or any piece of clothing. In fact, they organize the World Naked Bike Rides, which are held in ... Read More »

Budget Fork: Top 6 Mountain Bike Suspension Forks Under $500

Mountain bike suspension forks are a critical bike component. Often, they can be found mounted to full suspension bikes and hardtail mountain bikes. They are extremely good at soaking up rough terrain and give you a more comfortable ride. Hence, allowing you to navigate rock-strewn trails with confidence. There are lots of mountain bike suspension forks out there. Many of ... Read More »

7 Essential Cycling Gear for Winter Riding

Cycling is a great form of exercise. Being able to go from place to place gets your blood flowing, heart pumping, and calories burning. But for most people, the cycling season ends once the winter weather rolls around. After all, cycling in winter can be daunting, especially in subzero temperatures. But with a little knowledge and right cycling gear for ... Read More »

Top 5 Budget Flat Pedals for Mountain Bike

Pedals are a crucial part of any bike. They are one of the three contact points where your body and your bike meet. Flat pedals for mountain bike are also the means by which you transmit the power in your legs into the bike’s drivetrain to propel you along the trail. For the vast majority of cyclists, clips rule the ... Read More »

Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing the Right Cycling Glasses

As with any type of activity, safety is of utmost importance for cyclists. As cyclists, we usually wear protective gears like gloves to shield our palms, a helmet to protect our head in case of accidents, and padded shorts to protect our derrieres. However, not everyone would consider buying cycling glasses. Wearing sunglasses is the norm throughout the summer.  But ... Read More »

Buying Guide: How to Select the Right Bike Saddle for You

A lot of beginner cyclists do not pay much attention to the bike seat when buying a new bike. Often, they think that the saddle that comes with the bike is good enough. But once you get serious with cycling and you decide to go on long distance rides, you’ll realize how important it is to be seated on a comfortable bike seat. ... Read More »

5 Mountain Bike Accessories Every Rider Should Own

Mountain biking is a fun, thrilling way to keep fit while enjoying the great outdoors. It gives you an opportunity to explore beautiful landscapes and gets you closer to nature. Ultimately, it allows you to escape from reality even for just a few hours. Although fun and exciting, you also need to prepare for the unexpected. Investing on some mountain ... Read More »

Stay Hydrated While Cycling With the Best Cycling Water Bottles

  Hours of riding on a bike in soaring temperature dehydrates your body. The more you sweat, the more important it is to focus on hydration. Keeping your body adequately hydrated before, during, and after cycling is a must for a safer and more enjoyable ride. Make sure that you bring cycling water bottles with you on your rides. Drink ... Read More »