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Cannondale Mountain Bikes – Choice is Power


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Let’s face it, most bike shops simply don’t have enough space to stock a wide choice of bikes from the same manufacturer. They’ll show you one Cannondale, and one each from a variety of bike makers. The consumer – you – is supposed to make a choice based on one to ten percent of the information available. Does this make sense in the twenty-first century?

Today however, thanks to the power of computing, bike shoppers can easily check out the entire line of Cannondale mountain bikes and make informed decisions on their own time. No sales pressure!

With this in mind, our purpose today is take a look at the entire line of Cannondale mountain bikes, with a view toward presenting as much information as possible about each model. Then, when you’re ready, you can select the right bike at the right price.


The Cannondale mountain bike comes in several broad categories. Hardtail bikes feature front suspension only. That means your pedals meet with less resistance, offering you an easier ride. Hardtail bikes tend to be less expensive, but performance isn’t sacrificed since these are Cannondales, after all. From the economical Catalyst and Tango lines to the sophisticated F-Si Alloy series, all of these bikes contain quality Shimano parts and aluminum frames. Or, you could go with the snarly Cujo bike, with fatter tires and double-pass welds for extreme durability.

Full-suspension mountain bikes are a step up. Featuring front and rear shocks, these will be comfortable to ride even over rocks or cobbles. The new alloy pivotless stays mean less travel, and less wear, for your shocks. This grouping of bikes includes the versatile Habit and Bad Habit bikes, augmented by the Jekyll climbing model and the Trigger with its effortless handling.

Go with a rigid-frame Cannondale mountain bike and experience problem-free riding that’s smooth and consistent. Rigid-frame mountain bikes help pedals work more efficiently, which means more travel for less effort. In this category, Cannondale offers a tandem bike and two fat-tire models, perfect for inseparable couples or those with lots of shifting sand to ride.



  • Professionals and experts agree that, when it comes to aluminum frame bikes, Cannondale reigns supreme.
  • They have more experience and a higher level of technology than anyone else with that frame material.
  •  An aluminum frame means your bike won’t become obsolete in one season, unlike some of the more gimmicky bikes out there.
  • Less flash, more satisfaction.


  • Cannondale does not offer a complete carbon-frame or titanium bike. That fact may only matter to those with unlimited budgets and egos to match.
  • Also, as a major manufacturer with a distinguished racing presence, Cannondale bikes will always be more expensive than mass-market or big-box bikes.


Q. I’m 5’2” and my husband is 6’4”. Do Cannondale mountain bikes have a wide range of sizes?

A. All the different categories of Cannondales come in many different sizes. This said, if you’re used to road bikes, don’t assume you’ll need the same size frame. The good news is that, unlike with road bikes, exact measurements are less important. Because mountain bikes are designed for greater freedom of movement, an inch here or there may not be that important. Check out Cannondale’s sizing chart for more information.

Q. Mountain bikes take a lot of abuse. Is it really worth it for me to invest in a more expensive bike, if it’s only going to get splattered, dented or banged around?

A. A mountain bike is only as good as its frame – and its parts. Big-box bikes might tout lightweight frames, but durability will be a constant headache. You may still dent your fame, but with a Cannondale you’re less likely to shatter it altogether. Let’s not forget, too, that with Cannondale you can be sure of getting quality parts from manufacturers like Shimano, Fox, and Schwalbe.


Innovation and consistency have long been hallmarks of the Cannondale brand. With over 40 models of mountain bike on the market today, Cannondale has products that will suit everyone from nervous beginners to diehard trail beasts. Buying your bike has never been simpler, thanks to stressfree online ordering. Take your time, research and consider, and in the long run you’ll have a mountain bike from Cannondale that you can’t wait to ride and show off to your friends.

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