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Building Your Own Bike Storage Rack

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Whether you live in a multi-story apartment with limited storage space or are simply looking to maximize garage space, there are a variety of easy-to-build DIY bike rack designs. A well-built bike storage rack will last for years and can help make storing and organizing something as cumbersome as a bicycle much easier.

The best bike racks are ones custom-tailored to fit your personal needs, and given the ease of access to resources regarding DIY projects a custom rack for bike owners both casual and dedicated can be had for a fraction of the cost of an IKEA bike rack or similar retail design.

Hanging Bike Racks

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A hanging bike rack is an optimal solution when space is limited and multiple bikes need to be stored. The clearest benefit of being able to hang a bike on a wall as opposed to resting your bike on the floor is that floor space is left open for movement or storage of other objects.

In order to install a wall bike rack for hanging bikes, it is crucial to first make sure that the structural integrity of the room will not be damaged by hanging up to 100 lbs. from the wall. Always make sure that load-bearing designs are mounted on a stud, and if unsure it is better to consult a professional before starting work.

To design your bike wall rack, begin by deciding how many bikes you want to store on the rack. I recommend that you do not store more than 3 bikes in a single DIY bike rack, as the heavier the load on the rack gets, the higher the risk of breakage becomes. When deciding on your bike rack wall, make sure it is a wall with at least 3 feet of clearance so that hanging bikes do not become an obstacle to maneuver around.

Once you have decided on a location for your bike rack, find a suitable set of plans and adapt them as necessary for your specific space. Make sure to choose plans that have enough detail so that you are able to complete the project, but not overly complex to the point of being difficult to comprehend.

Test the rack carefully before placing the full weight of a bike on it. It is crucial that whenever adjustments are made to the original design that care is taken to ensure safety isn’t compromised. A well-designed rack will support several bikes without issue, however, it’s worth the extra effort to help make sure that your bikes are not damaged.

Floor Bike Racks

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An alternative to a hanging bike rack for people without suitable walls or who can not make alterations to walls is a floor bike rack. These racks take up more space in a room, however, they will provide a stable place to store your bikes.

These racks are generally easier to construct than hanging bike racks and can be as easy as using a pallet to hold the front wheel firmly in place. When choosing a floor bike rack, the most important thing to keep in mind is how much space the bike will take up when in the rack. You will need to set aside an appropriate amount of space, keeping in mind that you need room to maneuver in order to take bikes on and off the rack.

Floor bike racks have the advantage of being easily placeable for outdoor use, so long as you have a method of locking your bike to the rack and keeping it out of the weather. There are many plans for simple floor mounted bike racks available for free online.

Whichever style of bike rack you choose to build, you are sure to benefit from having a custom storage solution tailored to your specific needs. Bicycles and related equipment can be difficult to store in a manner that is both efficient and pleasing to the eye, but your DIY bicycle rack will continue to serve you well for years to come.

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