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Bike Safety Tips: 6 Ways to Stay Safer While Riding Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is one of the most exhilarating sports in the world. Travelling on two wheels help you discover hidden gems in your city. It allows you to distance yourself from the noise and havoc of daily life. It gives you an opportunity to contemplate on the beauty of the earth. Plus, you get to meet some awesome people. With all these benefits, there is no denying that mountain biking is awesome. However, it is also a dangerous sport. That said, you need some bike safety tips to prevent major accidents.

Mountain biking comes with its fair share of risks. Crashing is one of them. It is a part of the sport. Everyone mountain biker will eventually experience crashing at some point. Even experienced mountain bikers do. Some bike safety tips will help you prepare for the potential hiccups you may encounter.

Whether you’re goal is to get fit, lose weight, beat friends in a race or ride down a mountain faster than a car, use these bike safety tips for a fun and incident-free mountain biking experience.

Start with a well-maintained bike

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Just like automobiles, mountain bikes also require some maintenance. You need to keep it clean and well-oiled. It is one of the most important bike safety tips that people tend to ignore. When you ride a bike, it is the chains that take a lot of wear and tear. Apply oil regularly to the chain to make it last longer. Plus, it prevents the chain from breaking and safer on the trails.

When riding on challenging trails, your gears can get damaged. That said, it is important to check your bike regularly to ensure that everything is running as it should be. If something isn’t right, it is best to bring your mountain bike to a local bike shop to have it checked. Regular bike maintenance is important to keep you out of trouble.

Know where you’re going

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Mountain biking provides you an opportunity to visit places you haven’t been before. But if this will be your first time to go there, make sure you that you plan your journey and study the trail before you go.  This will prevent potentially dangerous surprises and make sure that you’re headed in the right direction.

Since this is not a trail you are familiar with, you want to take it easy. Check for blind corners and be aware of surprises. Also, walk sketchy sections. Don’t push your limits.

Know your skill level


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Riding new trails is one of the most exciting parts of mountain biking. It allows you to push yourself and try new things, but there’s always a risk involved. Bike safety tips like this

Never ride beyond your skill level, no matter how well you know the trail. If you get to a section, which you think is beyond your skill level, get off the bike and walk that section. There is nothing wrong with that. Your safety is of utmost important. It’s not a risk worth taking if you’re going to fall down a steep gulley.

Wear safety gears


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Helmet protects you head. Always wear a helmet before heading off, and make sure that it’s fastened. Also, make sure that the helmet fits comfortably and is worn properly. Also, make it a habit to check your helmet for cracks, tears and wears before you go. Damaged helmets won’t be able to do its job of protecting your head during a crash.

Studies suggest that a bicycle helmet that is properly fitted and fastened can help reduce head injuries by up to 74%. Wear a helmet, even if it’s just a short ride. Remember, even a short ride can end in a crash.

Listen to your body


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Mountain biking is also considered as a great form of exercise. A lot of people choose to ride a bike in the hopes of losing weight. That’s great! But don’t push yourself too hard.

Riding a bike for an hour or so under the summer heat may be too much for a beginner. If you are riding with friends, let them know if you’re feeling tired, lightheaded or weak. Don’t push yourself to continue if you’re tired. Otherwise, the consequences can be pretty severe.

Listen to your body. This is one of the most important bike safety tips you should keep in mind. Stop when you’re tired or lightheaded. Take a rest for a few minutes, take a sip of water and eat some snacks.

Ride with friends


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Riding on your own is awesome. It allows you to catch a little quiet time and move at your own pace. But you also need to consider that there are some risks involved in riding alone.

Riding with friends is fun. Plus, it provides a safety net and an assurance that someone is there to wach your back. You won’t be fending for yourself in case something bad happens and you need medical attention. Have at least one person with you when you go out for a ride.

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