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Best Mountain Bikes for Kids to Get Them Started

When kids take their first mountain biking adventure, they must hone their skills by riding a proper bicycle. According to experts, there are several mountain bikes for kids that are worth buying because efficiency never suffers on various terrains.

Important Considerations

Before you buy any bike for a child, you must have a thorough discussion about proper maintenance. The brakes, pedals, handlebars, and shocks must be inspected before each biking adventure. At the end of every trip, any dirt, grime, or mud that builds up on the bicycle should be removed. If cleaning is ignored, the drive train and other important components may not perform well during the next biking trip.

The Commencal Ramones 20


This kids mountain bike benefits anyone who likes to cruise down mountain trails during the night since the paint is bold and bright. When kids ride the Commencal Ramones 20, they experience complete comfort. During tough landings, the soft suspension fork engages and absorbs most of the impact. You may want to buy this mountain bike for kids if your child prefers a lightweight design and wheels that can handle rough road conditions.

The Commencal Supreme 24


The Commencal Supreme has 24-inch wheels that roll over typical off-road obstacles with ease. Because the frame isn’t heavy, the process of propelling the bike into the air while riding downhill is never a hassle. This bicycle is designed with Xfusion shocks, which distributes weight evenly when the tires hit the ground.



Kids who like extreme stunts will want to own the Propain FRECHDAX. The wheels aren’t very big, so a young child will have no problems steering this kid mountain bike around obstacles on the trail. During a rough landing, comfort levels won’t suffer because highly efficient suspension components are equipped near the front and back wheels.

Propain Yuma

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The team at Propain designed the Propain Tyee, which is a great mountain bike for kids. If your child likes this bicycle, the Yuma is worth considering since it has similar features that are modified.

Custom options are available for the Yuma, so your kid can equip the bicycle with components that suit specific riding needs. The Yuma is a very expensive bicycle, but it’s worth every penny because it remains in great condition longer than traditional mountain bikes for kids.

The Transition Ripcord


If you’re looking for a bike that has a full suspension system, the Transition Ripcord is a great choice. The frame is very large and strategically design, so a small or large child can reach the handlebars and pedals without any issues. This bicycle stands out on the trail because it has 24-inch wheels and a color scheme like a bottle rocket.

Norco Fluid 4.3


Norco is one of the big players in the mountain biking for kids industry. The company’s newest kids mountain biking product is the Fluid 4.3; it has a 100mm frame and 24-inch tires. The process of pedaling up a steep hill is easy while riding this bike is easy since it has Shimano gears.

Lil Shredder Icon


Lil Shredder is an organization that only manufactures mountain bikes for kids. The designers at this company developed the first mountain bicycle with child-friendly features, so you won’t be disappointed if you buy the Icon. This bike can be purchased with 16-inch or 20-inch wheels. In addition, all of the mechanical components can be customized, so the Icon is probably the best kids mountain bike.

Safety is Important

After you’ve purchased a mountain bike for kids, you must follow specific steps to keep your child safe on the trails. To ensure a high level of safety, you’ll need to buy:

  • A helmet
  • Gloves
  • Proper shoes
  • Glasses

The helmet is the most important safety tool because it can prevent a serious injury if your kid accidentally crashes into obstacles. If possible, try to buy a helmet that has adjustable features and a color scheme that matches your child’s bicycle.

Gloves will protect the child’s hands whenever challenging turns are made on the trails. If you pick a quality product, your kid won’t have to deal with blisters, nicks, and scratches.

Shoes that are designed for biking will give your kid better control. Improper shoes can cause problems because the soles won’t grip the pedals properly.

If your kid likes to ride until the sun sets, you’ll need to buy a great pair of sunglasses. Protective glasses for bikers are very stylish and have a special coating that blocks sun glare.

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