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The 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets| Review & Guide

The best part of mountain biking is the challenges you will experience, such as uneven terrain lined with rocks, roots, ruts and tight spaces. As fun as it is to maneuver through this terrain, you cannot discount the accidents that can happen if you lose control of your bike. That is why it is extremely important to wear the correct protective gear before you set out on your mountain biking adventure, and bike helmets in particular are vital to your safety.

By protecting your head when you are outdoors, you can prevent a host of head injuries that are often fatal. There is a reason why children and adults are persuaded to wear helmets whenever they participate in cycling, biking, skateboarding, and water rafting to name a few activities.

Below I have provided the ten most effective mountain bike helmet reviews you should own, so read on for your own safety!

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets| Review & Guide

As I have just mentioned, safety is always a priority when you are out on your mountain bike. These helmets will guarantee the safety that you crave. Enjoy!

10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Comparison Table


The Recon Stealth is a men’s mountain bike helmet that comes with a visor for added coverage and style. This helmet provides all cyclists with superior protection, thanks to its extended rear drop which covers the back of your head.

The Boa retention system used allows for a precise fit, while the lightweight in-molded construction ensures that you experience maximum comfort all day long. There are also multiple vents for extreme ventilation in hot conditions.

Some of its features included

  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 0.9 x 0.8 x 0.6 inches
  • Excellent protection

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Troy Lee Designs Turbo A1 Bike Sports BMX Helmet - Orange/Medium/Large
  • Color: Orange
  • Size: Medium/Large
  • Troy Lee Designs Turbo A1 Bike Sports BMX Helmet

The A-1 mountain helmet is the newest innovation from Troy Lee Designs, offering all mountain bike enthusiast detailed and durable coverage as they hit the trails. The aesthetically pleasing A-1 has been designed to increase the air flow through the helmet, in order to achieve a dry and cool head in all weather conditions. There are a total of 16 cooling vents and a nanowick synthetic liner that are involved in this process, in turn maximizing on ventilation.

Away from the amazing ventilation and moisture wicking capabilities of the helmet, the A-1 also boasts of sturdy and durable construction via a polycarbonate shell. This shell encompasses high impact EPS foam, which enhances protection if an accident occurs.

Some of its features included

  • High Impact polypropylene visor
  • +/- 1″/25mm range of motion
  • Deep air passages option
  • Comfort lining with nanowick material

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IXS Trail RS All Mountain Helmet Blue S/M
  • Full in-mold coverage for optimized absorbtion and weight
  • Aeration system with 22 large vents and internal air channels
  • Adjustable bolt system MX style visor

The IXS Trail RS is an all-mountain helmet that comes with full in-mold coverage for superior impact absorption in the case of a crash. The construction of the bike helmet also includes a dual-compound head ring which is ergonomic in nature, as well as a dial adjuster that allows for a better fit as you ride.

Ventilation is provided via 22 big vents as well as internal air channels, while safety is emphasized by an adjustable strap system and a safety closure. You can be sure that your head is comfortable and protected if you have this helmet on.

Some of its features included

  • Aeration system with 22 large vents
  • Internal air channels
  • Adjustable MX style visor with full visual field
  • Crash release system
  • Instant fitting

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Mavic Notch Mountain Bike Helmet Black (Head Circumference: 57-63 cm)
  • Type/Intended use: Mountain
  • Construction: In-Mould Technology

The Mavic Notch helmet is a cycling helmet that has been created with mountain bikers in mind. This polystyrene helmet is great for long and aggressive trail days, where full coverage, weight savings, optimum fit, and comfort are of the highest priority.

The detailed shell design minimizes pressure points while maximizing on visibility, all the while ensuring that protection is guaranteed throughout the ride. Additionally, the Ergo Hold Retention fit of the Notch ensures that security and comfort are maintained on all terrain. Furthermore, the integrated Notch pads include a low density open cell foam option that draws moisture from your head for added comfort.

Some of its features included

  • Ergo Hold Retention
  • No Adjustable Vents
  • Polystyrene Material

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Bell Super Bike Helmet (Matte Black, Large)
  • Large: 58-62 cm / 20.5" - 22"
  • Speed Dial Fit System and Overbrow Ventilation
  • Integrated, removable GoPro camera mount

The Bell Super is a large mountain bike helmet that has been built for aggressive trail rides and epic adventures. This helmet includes a Speed Dial Fit System for a secure and snug head feel, as well as Overbrow ventilation for optimized airflow in all conditions. The shell of the helmet is also internally reinforced for greater sturdiness.

Additional features include an incorporated GoPro camera mount, an adjustable GoggleGuide visor system, and in-mold Microshell for rear coverage.

Some of its features included

  • 58-62 cm / 20.5″ – 22″ large
  • Goggle Guide Adjustable Visor System
  • Fusion In-Mold
  • Microshell with low coverage rear

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Giro Feature Cycling Helmet (Matte Black, Large)
  • Adjustable moto-style visor
  • Featherweight webbing with Slimline buckle
  • In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner

Whereas most bike helmets are bulky and goofy, the Giro Feature presents to us an evolved helmet that offers optimum coverage on trail rides. The shell of this helmet is constructed out of polycarbonate, with an EPS liner that will leave your head comfortable during prolonged rides.

Furthermore, the helmet incorporates 12 vents for incredible ventilation, so that all heat will radiate up and out of your helmet. When you are riding down an incline you will be glad to know that the bike helmet has an in-form fit system that offers stability and adjustment, which can be modified with just one hand.

The stylish helmet also comes in a variety of colors such as bright green, matte glowing red, blue, black and matte white.

Some of its features included

  • For long-travel trail riding
  • EPS liner
  • 12 vents with internal channeling
  • Adjustable moto-style visor

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Bell Sequence Bicycle Mountain Helmet, Black/Red, Medium
  • Aggressive styling and strong lines for cross-country, all-mountain and trail-ride mountain biking
  • In-mold with extended full coverage around rear. 55 - 59cm / 21.75 - 23.25-Inch.
  • 20 big vents with internal channels

The Bell Sequence helmet is an all-mountain and XC mountain bike helmet that has been designed to take on aggressive riding. This helmet is popular for its Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system, which allows for a snug and secure fit as you hit the trails.

When you couple this with the in-mold construction of the helmet, you have full coverage around the rear of your head ensuring that protection is at its maximum. Comfort is also guaranteed by the 20 large vents that are integrated into the helmet, with internal channels that keep your head cool at all times.

Other features include a VPV 15 degree adjustable visor for improved style as you ride outdoors.

Some of its features included

  • Aggressive styling
  • Twin Axis Gear
  • Adjustable visor: VPV 15-degree
  • Gear: Twin Axis

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Fox Men's Flux Helmet, Matte Black, Large/X-Large
  • Deep rear profile of the EPS shell offers more comprehensive coverage than traditional XC helmets
  • 20 strategically placed air vents for excellent airflow, includes removable visor
  • Detox ratchet retention system to dial in perfect fit

The extremely popular Fox Men’s Flux is an all-mountain and trail helmet designed to provide ample protection when you take your mountain bike out. The first thing you will notice with this helmet is its amazing graphics, which leave you looking stylish at all times.

The EPS shell of the helmet allows for extended coverage, and the 20 ventilation ports ensure that airflow is at optimum levels. You will also benefit from a removable visor when you purchase this comfortable and adjustable helmet.

Some of its features included

  • Airflow: 20 ventilation ports
  • CPSC 1203, EN 1078: 1997, AS/NZS 2063: 2008 approved
  • Rear Detox ratchet retention system

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POC Trabec Race Helmet, Black/White, X-Large-XX-Large/59-62
  • EPS liner, outer PC shell
  • Aramid fiber grid for protection and durability
  • Designed to provide more coverage at temples and back of head

The Trabec is a functional, high-performing and comfortable in-mold helmet that is perfect for mountain bikers looking for the ultimate form of coverage and protection available. The construction of this helmet involves a durable Aramid fiber grid that wraps around your head. This excellent fit is perfect for support and comfort as you ride.

This tough and resilient shell is supported by a sleek channel system that has 16 vent slots, in order to provide superior ventilation on hot days.

Some of its features included

  • System: Slim and comfortable fit
  • Aramid fiber grid for protection and durability
  • This is traditional bike helmet

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Giro Hex MTB Helmet Matte Black Large (59-63 cm)
  • 24 Wind Tunnelvents with internal channeling
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • P.O.V. visor w/15° vertical adjustment

The Giro Hex mountain bike helmet is a rugged performer that offers you value for your money. The most impressive feature of this helmet is its Roc Loc 5 fit system, which has been in development for over a decade. This polished fit system enhances the stability, comfort, adjustability and weight savings of the helmet, by giving you the chance to dial-in the tension and vertical position of the helmet with a single hand.

Other amazing features of this bike helmet include its varied color palette, its 21 wind-scooping vents for breathability, and its in-molded upper and lower hardbodies. This helmet is guaranteed to comfortably and securely cradle your head as your ride your bike.

Some of its features included

  • Higher level of performance for all-mountain riding
  • System: Roc Loc 5 Fit
  • 17 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling ventilation
  • P.O.V. adjustable visor with 15° vertical adjustment

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Q: Why get a mountain bike helmet?

A: Mountain bike helmets are an essential in keeping your head safe from an impact. They are build durable, stylish and impede your ability to have fun outdoors on biking trails.

Q: Why are mountain bike helmet’s important?

A: It’s important to wear the correct protective gear when biking. The best mountain bike helmets are ones that are built durable, provides the rider with excellent protection, and has good ventilation. Nowadays, helmets are made with more technology built in. Helmets can now record how bad your crash was and send GPS singles out to first responders if needed. News technologies like these can make your helmet the best.

Q: What size mountain bike helmet do I need?

A: When picking out your helmet size go by the size you wear for hats.This can be determined by measuring the circumference of your head. For example: If you wear a size 6 ⅝ in hats you’re a size small in helmets. Helmets are designed for any size head from a toddler to someone with a size 8 ½ hat size.

Q: How to clean mountain bike helmet?


  1. Don’t take apart the helmet, leave the padding in for an easy wash.
  2. Place in the sink and use mild soap such as dish detergent and clean in clean, cold water.
  3. Let your helmet air dry. Don’t apply any heat to the helmet, it will weaken the shell and the bonding materials.

Q: How long do mountain bike helmets last?

A: Mountain bike helmets can typically last a long time depending on how much you’re going to use it. If a helmet is used regularly and has been un-crashed, it is recommended by helmet manufacturers to be replaced every 3 years. Due to constant sun exposure and sweat, which can weaken the material.

Q: Why do mountain bike helmets have visors?

A: Having a visor on a mountain bike is great in keeping the sun out of your eyes. A visor can even help keep rain, sprayed up mud, or low branches off the rider’s face.

Q: When to replace your mountain bike helmet?

A: Many professional helmet manufacturers recommend replacing a helmet that has been un-crashed and used regularity every three years. Due to continuous exposures to sunlight and sweat, which can weaken the material.

Final Verdict

As you can see, these mountain bike helmets are a necessity when you head outdoors on your mountain bike. They are stylish, durable, and solidly built, and will not impede your ability to have fun when on the trails. So go ahead and invest in one or more of these helmets today!

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