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Best Kids Mountain Bikes

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Nothing goes together quite like kids and bicycles. These dual-wheeled inventions have been providing fun and transportation for years. If your older child is transitioning from a beginner bike to an intermediate ride, you may be searching for a quality kids mountain bikes. These bikes have full suspension and multiple gears for a variety of terrains. Biking is excellent exercise and is a perfect hobby to enjoy as a family. Here are some kids mountain bikes that you and your family may consider:


Diamondback Cobra

If you are searching for a boy’s mountain bike with 20-inch wheels, then you may consider the Diamondback Cobra. These tires give the rider more control while riding. Difficult terrains like gravel, mud, and grassy hills can be traveled easily because of the bike’s six gear shifters. You do not have to be a mechanical engineer to put this bike together, because most of it comes pre-assembled. It is easy to assemble the pedals, seat, handlebars, and the front wheel. Since brakes are adjusted to preference, you will need to tweak them. It is an easy job that just takes a few minutes. Your little guy will be hooked after he takes the first ride. The Diamond Cobra is easy to ride and control. This mountain bike will take on any terrain, because it has a durable frame that is made of strong metal. The flash of orange color is another cool feature that he will love. It has excellent stopping power due to its linear pull front and rear brakes. The front fork provides superior suspension travel. The Diamond Cobra is ideal for a boy’s first mountain bike.

Mongoose Maxim Full Suspension

Look out boys, because the girls are blazing the bike trail! It may have a trendy design with a girly lavender color, but the Mongoose Maxim is built strong for all-terrain adventure. This bike is for girls who are 8 years or older. They will enjoy maximum speed control while riding, because the bike’s frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum. Shifting gears on this mountain bike is almost effortless. It has the same type of gear shifters that are featured on mountain bikes that have premium prices. Your girl can enjoy a smooth ride at an affordable cost. It takes less than an hour to assemble the bike, check the tire air pressure, and align the brakes. She will be ready to hit the trails in no time. The Mongoose Maxim will easily adjust to accommodate riders from 56 inches to 62 inches tall. Riders can explore many different types of terrain to see how durable this bike really is. Girls will enjoy the style, color, and function of the Mongoose Maxim as soon as they take a seat on it.

Mongoose Ledge Boys Mountain Bike

As boys get older, they are ready for a bike that is more durable to hold up to the rugged terrain they love. The Mongoose Ledge’s frame is constructed of a sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum that makes it easy to transport. Riders have great control and can enjoy a smooth ride, thanks to the full suspension in the bike’s fork. This model features Shimano rear derailleurs and a 21-speed gear shift, which allows the bike to quickly transition from smooth grass to a rough trail of rocks. The Mongoose Ledge is a bike that will provide several fun years of tough riding.

Huffy Girls 24335 Alpine Mountain Bike

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Huffy has been a trusted name in bicycles for generations. That is why so many girls choose this Alpine mountain bike when they look for one that is more mature. Its frame is made of precision steel that is designed to last. Girls also love the bike’s metallic purple color. They will have a smooth and controlled ride because of the 24-inch tires. Rough terrain is no match for this kids mountain bike. It has user-friendly 18 speed Enzo twist shifters that quickly transition from uphill to downhill. Your girl will also enjoy the comfort of the Huffy’s padded seat. You will have it assembled and adjusted in a short time and ready for riding. The Huffy Girls Alpine Mountain Bike is ideal for ages 9-13. She will feel like a mountain bike star!

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