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Best Bike Trails in the US


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Baseball may be concerned America’s favorite sport, but many Americans are finding mountain biking to be just as great. The popularity in mountain biking is growing. It may be from the thrill of getting away from the everyday environment and experiencing nature. 

Riders get many thrills and excitement riding on rough terrain, downhill, up a mountain or even next to a running stream on the side of a cliff. Hey! You never know where nature can take you.

Below we have listed several locations across the United States and provided you with the Best Bike Trails in the US. 

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Little Pan Loop, Black Canyon Trials – Arizona


Image Source: http://www.singletracks.com/photo.php?p=41029

Located: New River, Arizona

Distance: 24 miles

Terrain: Mountain

Level: Intermediate

Best Time to go: Winter to early Spring.

First on our list of the top Best Bike Trails in the US is the highly known by the many names of  lollipop loop, the Little Pan Loop and Black Canyon Trials. It’s a very popular bike trails that is rode by many bikers. Little Pan Loop is a singletrack, trail that stretches from the Sonoran Desert lowlands located in Phoenix to the high grasslands of Prescott Valley. The trails overlook a glimpse of the Agua Fria River and are made up of rugged terrain and very exciting climbs.


Big Sur – California


Image Source: http://www.californiabicycletour.com/big-sur-bike-tour.html

Located: Carmel to Cambria, California

Distance: Up to 100 miles

Terrain: Road

Level: Advanced

Best Time to go: Year-round

Big Sur is an amazing coastal cruise that any biker would love. Bikers can enjoy the scenic route on the mountainside and watch waves crash below them as they ride. The 6.5 mile mountainside covers an average eight percent incline. Bike rentals are provided nearby for all ages, so everyone can enjoy the costal ride.

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DuPont State Recreational Forest – North Carolina


Image Source: https://rootsrated.com/brevard-nc/mountain-biking/dupont-state-forest

Located: Between Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina

Distance: 1.4 miles

Terrain: Mountain

Level: Advanced

Best time to go: Spring and Fall

The DuPont State Recreational Forest biking trails feature beautiful scenic waterfalls, lakes and mountains. A hit among many pro bikers, the trails are for more advanced riders due to the rough terrain that leads bikers through dense forest. DuPoint offers bikers nearly 100 miles are varied trails to choose from. There’s many campgrounds and lodging areas around so you can enjoy the many different trails while on your stay.

Captain Ahab – Utah


Image Source: http://www.crankcollective.com/viewnews.php?id=201

Located: Moab, Utah

Distance: 4.3 Miles

Terrain: Mountain

Level: Advanced

Best time to go: Spring to Fall

Captain Ahab is yet another advanced trail for the more experienced bikers. It’s a singletrack that offers breathtaking views of the Jackson Hole and Canyonlands. The track offers a series of climbs, drops and cliff edges. Making it a favorite among mountain bikers.

Shark Valley Trail – Florida


Image Source: https://whatnomints.wordpress.com/tag/shark-valley-visitors-center/

Located: Everglades National Park in Miami, Florida

Distance: 15 miles

Terrain: Road

Level: Beginner

Best Time to go: Winter

If you like biking and being close to nature, (as in the possibility of a crocodile right next to you) then the Shark Valley Trail in Florida is right for you. This trail is more for the beginner level biker due to the smooth flat road terrain. The trail lies in the heart of the “True Everglades. Theres many wildlife that includes 13 gators, lots of birds and many different marsh wildlife. Bike rental are available on site so you don’t have to carry and lung your own bikes.

Going-to-the-Sun Road – Montana


Image Source: http://www.nps.gov/glac/planyourvisit/bicycling.htm

Located: Glacier National Park, Montana

Distance: 50 Miles

Terrain: Road

Level: Intermediate

Best time to go: Summer to Early Fall

Going-to-the-Sun Road also known as Sun Road; is a scenic mountain road located in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, in Glacier National Park. Despite being a relatively flat road it is for the intermediate riders. Due to the road being narrow as it nears the top, little to no shoulder and many winding and blind curves. The road is closed during the winter months due to the dangerous weather conditions that can arise.  But when biker ride with caution they can see experience the great views of mountains and Glaciers.

Pine Creek Trail – Pennsylvania


Image Source: http://flickrhivemind.net/User/Pennsylvania%20State%20Parks/Interesting

Located: (PA Grand Canyon) Leonard Harrison and Colton Point State Parks, Pennsylvania

Distance: 47 miles

Terrain: Mountain

Level: Beginner

Best time to go: Summer and Fall

Pine Creek Trail is located in Pennsylvania an area considered as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvanians. I have been there myself and let me say it has spectacular views, yet its not nearly as large as the Grand Canyon. It’s worth the visit, especially if your an adventurous  mountain biker, like myself. It’s surrounded by 165,00 acres of state forest. The trail is a hard-packed gravel surface available to hikers and bikers.

Kincaid Park – Alaska


Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8COe8Bhhu8U

Located: Anchorage, Alaska

Distance: 30 miles

Terrain: Mountain

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Best time to go: Late Spring to Early Fall

One of the Best Bike Trails is no doubt Kincaid Park. It is a 1,516 acre municipal park located in Anchorage, Alaska. The trail is more on the intermediate to advanced level due, to the trail including many rolling incline passes, climbs and riding through dense forest. While riding biker can enjoy the amazing views of the big trees, wildlife, forest and open meadow.

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