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6 Reasons Why You Should Own a Folding Bike

Each type of bike offers great benefits to cyclist. But in order to make your riding experience more enjoyable, it is important to choose a bike that matches your riding style. If you’re planning to buy a bike that you can use for weekend rides as well as for commuting, a folding bike may be a great option for you.

What sets it apart from the other bikes on the market is that it is foldable. It may look like it belonged in the 1970s, but this is a real bike in its own right. In fact, a folding bike has the same features as a normal city bike. It provides a practical and easy form of transportation.

If you think a folding bike fits your lifestyle and you are considering buying one, then we urge you to read this blog post. Here, we have compiled some of the top reasons why owning a foldable bike is a good idea.

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It is convenient

According to studies, foldable bikes are used more often than regular bikes. Usage of regular bikes is often limited to early morning or weekend rides. But since folding bikes are lightweight and easier to transport, owners tend to find more opportunities to use it and incorporate it into their daily routine.

As riding a bike for transportation becomes more popular in different parts of the country, more and more people are looking into buying a foldable bike. Not only is it more convenient to use for going around town, it can also come in handy when finding a parking space. Since the bike is lightweight and compact, you can easily tuck your bike safely in a meeting room or hotel room. You can stow it easily when not in use.

You’ll be surprised at how much fun they are to ride. Try to take one for a spin and you’ll see how it will make your life a whole lot better and easier.

Folding bikes are lightweight

As compared to regular bikes, folding bikes are extremely lightweight. These bikes are fitted with 20-inch wheels, making it easier to handle your bike in tight spaces. The smaller wheels are also more lightweight and durable than 26 or 28-inch city bike wheels.

Most models are built with an aluminum frame and fork for excellent rigidity and minimum weight. They also come with 3 gears, making it easier for you to climb small and medium hills. Because it is lightweight, it is easier to carry as compared to conventional bikes. That said, riders won’t have trouble transporting their bikes even after a hard day’s work. You can easily get it on the bus, on the train or climb up the stairs to your apartment.

Save money

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Saving money is one of the best reasons to ride a bike to work. It will help you save money on transit fares, auto maintenance costs, fuel costs, and parking fees. The bike itself may cost you a few hundred dollars, but it would pay for itself in a few months.

If you are looking for an affordable folding bike that is of good quality, you may want to look into one of the Dahon models. They offer a wide variety of foldable bikes. They even have a folding mountain bike. But if cost is a big factor in your buying decision, the Stowable 20” City Folding Bike may be right up your alley. It comes at a very affordable price that fits most budgets.

Theft prevention

Most people who ride a bike to work would just leave their bikes in the car park or out on the street. Leaving your bike outside the building the whole day makes it vulnerable to thieves. This increases the risk of your bike getting stolen. Even if you lock your bike, there is a potential for it to be busted at some point. Often, bike owners would go down in the middle of the day to check whether their bike is still where they left it. This will no longer be the case if you own a foldable bike.

Most folding bikes are small enough that you can pop it under your desk or in the corner of your office. Because of its size, it will remain unnoticed. Your colleagues won’t even know it’s there. You no longer have to leave it out on the street. This reduces the risk of theft since no one will have the courage to steal your bike from under your feet.

It is the ultimate space saver

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Storage is one of the biggest concerns of people who are considering purchasing a bike. Those who don’t have a garage are forced to place their bike in the hallway, which can be a bit of a hassle. But with a collapsible bike, you no longer have to worry about storage.

A folding bike is about the size of a large stuffed backpack when folded. It will only take you a few seconds to fold this bike. Once it’s done, you can store the bike out of sight. It can easily fit under the stairs, leave it on your balcony or even slip it in the closet. The foldable bike is designed with city living in mind. It is the perfect choice for bikers who don’t have a garage or don’t have much space in their apartment. It is so small that it won’t take much space in your home or apartment.

You can take it wherever you go

One of the biggest advantages of owning a folding bike is that it is compact. The collapsible nature of this bike means that you can take it with you wherever you go. It provides the convenience to use other modes of transportation like the bus, train, or a private vehicle. You can toss the bike into the trunk of your car and drive to your desired destination. In addition, most public transportations like buses and trains allow a folded bike to come aboard.

A foldable bike can be the ideal solution for cyclists who are looking to combine cycling with other modes of transportation. This is ideal if you’re thinking of riding a bike to the bus or train station on your way to the office or if you’re looking to travel by plane with it.

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