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10 Extreme Mountain Biking Videos of All Time

Mountain biking is designed to offer excitement, but if things become routine, it can get to be bland. We’ve all had moments when we’ve thought about taking on a major downhill challenge that defies death. Here are some examples of folks who’ve done more than think about it. After watching these mountain bike videos, you might feel inspired. Then again, you might realize that bland isn’t all that bad.


A Real Highlander

Video Source:www.youtube.com

Local boy Danny Macaskill engages in some rock climbing on his home island of the Isle of Skye, off the coast of Scotland. In particular, he heads up and down Cuillin Ridgeline. The video provides some terrific shots from his head-mounted GoPro mountain bike camera. It also offers some ideas on how you can incorporate wire fences into your routine to get those backflips you’ve always wanted to try.

Flipping Out

Video Source:www.youtube.com

Rider Kelly McGarry works two backflips into his trip down this western ridge. The bigger backflip covers a 72 foot span and is helped along by a ramp. If the backflips weren’t enough, he also throws in a nice side spin to complete the set.

Construction Projects


 Video Source:www.youtube.com

Along with serving as inspiration for daredevil biking, this video will inspire you to sharpen your woodworking skills. The tracks and ramps featured here just go to show that a lack of natural formations is no obstacle to putting your riding talent to the test. They also provide an extreme example of freeride mountain bike riding.


Back Alleys

Video Source:www.youtube.com

Glutton for punishment Kelly McGarry finds another urban landscape suitable for mountain biking in Taxco, Mexico. This time, the cobblestone trail has been enhanced with quite a few ramps since the flights of stairs just aren’t enough. Bike videos with this guy apparently attract a fair number of spectators.

Nerves of Steel

Video Source:www.youtube.com

In Italian, Via Ferrata means the trail of iron. The name comes from the iron ladders and cables strung about the Dolomite Mountains to assist Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers as they engaged in fierce battles with one another during World War I. Today, the mountains provide a fierce challenge for mountain bikers.


Video Source:www.youtube.com

Mountain biking is usually thought of as a warm weather sport. Dashing through the snow can extend the riding season. It also appears to extend the opportunities to hit the ground, but at least it’s cushioned with snow. Downhill mountain bike videos like this make it clear that staying upright on powder is a bit trickier than dirt even after you’ve modified the tires with spikes.


Long Way Down

Video Source:www.youtube.com

The GoPro mountain bike helmet camera worn by Gee Atherton in this clip does a great job of giving us a real sense of what it’s like to fly down this extensive trail in Colorado. It’s a reminder of how weaving through forests and handling ramps requires keeping your wits about you at all times.


No Trail Required


Video Source:www.youtube.com

One of the best bike jump compilation videos owes its existence to the trick riding of Danny MacAskill. Urban settings provide a large portion of the action, and it’s accomplished without the use of standard pathways. It’s nice to know the nearest rooftops and handrails will do when bike trails aren’t available.


Video Source:www.youtube.com

With the right extreme biking trail, you might be spending as much time in the air as on the ground. This quick compilation shows how professionals handle and occasionally don’t handle the big jumps.


Learning From Mistakes

Video Source:www.youtube.com

This final bike video has five samples rolled into one. All of us can imagine that things can go wrong on one of these mountain bike videos but these guys get to experience it. By watching what went wrong, you might get a better sense of how to avoid disaster.

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